Build Your Learning Plan

Continue your education, be a difference maker, at your own pace.

Continue Your Education, Be a Difference Maker

UMC Cyber Campus My Planner is a learning platform to plan and organize your theological and higher education so that you may continuously discover, claim, and flourish in God’s call to leadership.


The vision of UMC Cyber Campus is to make disciples of Jesus Christ by providing digital educational resources as a twenty-first-century response to John Wesley’s vision, “The World is my Parish.”

The Mission of UMC Cyber Campus is to nurture grassroots global leadership from a distance and empower local leaders by sharing theological and higher education resources using technology.  We aim to provide access to theological and higher education to those who would not be able to afford them otherwise.

For Instructors

Now Instructors can plan, teach, and evaluate students and learners can organize, restore, and track their education at My Planner, UMC Cyber Campus learning management system (LMS).